Let's save the Vallone di Sea: Everything you need to know and how you can help

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The Vallone di Sea, a wild and uncontaminated corner of the Western Alps, is threatened by a project to build a 2.5 meter wide road that could irreversibly devastate this precious ecosystem. In response, the Valle Orco Climbing Festival and numerous nature advocates have launched a petition to stop this project. In this article, you will find all the information you need to understand the situation and how you can help protect the Vallone di Sea.

The Sea Valley: A Natural Treasure

What you see in the photo is the magnificent Vallone di Sea, one of the last and increasingly rare wild corners of the Western Alps. Located a few kilometers from Ceresole, beyond that thin line of ridges on the orographic right of the Orco Valley, this uncontaminated natural paradise is now in danger.

The Municipality of Groscavallo and the Unione Montana Alpi Graie are about to start excavation works to build a 2.5m wide road which would destroy forever one of the most beautiful and wild valleys of our Alps. This project not only represents a hydrogeological risk, but it is also devastating for the environment, expensive to maintain and without a real economic return.

Community Concerns

1. The functional aspect

The small size of pasture and the limited annual usability would lead to a limited use of the work in the face of a high environmental and landscape toll for its construction. This year's large avalanches would certainly have damaged the route, making it unusable without heavy maintenance.

2. The impact of construction sites

The work would require the use of explosives to blow up larger boulders, further damaging the environment. The construction site already carried out for maintenance work would allow the landslide area to be bypassed with much more limited impacts.

3. Hydrogeological problems

The project itself admits that the area is subject to hydrogeological constraints. Large avalanches could cause the collapse of several sections of the structure, with high annual maintenance costs. Furthermore, the route cuts through the large stones and deep furrows that descend from the base of the walls.

4. The environmental-landscape impact

The project is located in an area with landscape protection restrictions. In the interests of a few, a valuable environmental context of public interest is destroyed. For further details, read the article on Valli di Lanzo in Verticale .

The Response of the Municipality of Groscavallo

In response to the numerous voices of protest regarding the project, the Municipality of Groscavallo has issued an official statement, which can be found here . However, the committee promoting the petition responded to the statement, highlighting the inconsistencies and problems related to the project. You can read the full answer here for more information.

For further information, read the article: Sea, the last opportunity not to be missed by Giorgio Milano.

How Can You Help?

🔗 Sign the petition : You can sign the petition against this useless abomination here .

🔗 Share the message : Share this article and the petition link with your friends and family. Every signature counts!

We are counting on you!

Together, we can make a difference and safeguard the beauty of Vallone di Sea for future generations. Join us in the fight to protect this pristine corner of the Alps and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. 🌿💪

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